Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Giving Thanks for Little Things

Most specifically for one small daughter who was born just before Thanksgiving last year, and whose birthday we celebrated on Thanksgiving this year. Since we were doing a Thanksgiving celebration a Thanksgiving cake seemed in order. And a brand spanking new recipe that marks my first success at recipe creation. I will share the recipe soon. For now however I want to quickly post the pictures of sweet Cadence’s birthday cake before launching into holiday treats later this week. Now when I conceived of this Thanksgiving idea I started to think of things that are typically representative of Thanksgiving.What comes to mind? Well a turkey first of all, but somehow that didn’t seem right for this sweet little bit of humanity that has blessed us for the past year. Then I thought about blessings and giving thanks and by golly I had it. A Cornucopia. The horn of plenty representative of the abundant blessings for which we celebrate and give thanks. Perfect. On to the carving. This is a spice pound cake that just seemed to fit the season. And the decorating. I’m telling you, basket weave on a

tapered and curved object is no easy task, but I prevailed.
And the detail work.
There must be plenty spilling from the horn. In this case the fruit and vegetables are modeled from marzipan and hand painted.

And here is a cake overflowing with love for my little girl.