Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lego Constuction

My friend's son was having a 6th birthday party on Saturday and requested a Lego cake. He loves Legos. And he loves chocolate. So that is what he got. This is the same chocolate cake I used for the Pocket Dragon, and filled with ganache. To get the clean plastic lines you see in legos I used fondant for this cake.

The challenge here is the lining up of different colors without gaps or crooked seams.

And trying to make the corners as sharp as possible.
And then my husband (an avid lego lover) piped up and asked me if I was going to put the logo on them. What? I didn't even know there was a logo. So he brought me some and I busted out my magnifying glass to read the tiny embossed LEGO printed on each of the little dots. Well that settled it.
This cake was for a lego-loving six year old and must be authentic.
I finished it off with a little steam to make the fondant plastic-like shiny and
topped it with a lego 6.

Stack up the Legos and you have a sweet chocolate treat disguised as a little boy's favorite toy.