Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Dragon's journey from Cake to Cute

My mom's birthday was August 25th and of course I was going to make her a cake. I decided this year that she deserved an extra special cake.
Now you must understand that my mom loves dragons.

Particularly these cute little guys.

These are called pocket dragons and they reside in corners and shelves throughout my mother's library.

And this one was the inspiration for her birthday cake.

It started with several layers of a rich, dense,moist and super yummy chocolate cake.

Then the carving started.

As the face took shape I really started getting excited about how he would turn out.
Then his wings and legs.

And his cute little tail and bumps down the back.Isn't he cute!
Next came a crumb coating.
And the decorating began


a pocket dragon on a book. And of course the book reads "Happy Birthday Mama" in dragon runes.

The best part....he's 100% cake a support and no fondant. Okay the eyes are chocolate:)

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