Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inspiration Abounding

Okay so enough people have told me to go pro that I'm gonna give it a try. Especially after successfully producing (with help...thanks girls that was fun) over a hundred flower cupcakes that met with many rave reviews both on decoration and content. So I have been taking stock of my current equipment, talent and recipes and I am becoming excited about the possibilities! Cheesecake anyone? Individual, beautifully decorated cheesecakes....unique, one of a kind cupcakes? My imagination is spinning! Now all I need is someone to bake for....oh yeah and a working oven. Hmm I'll have to get on that. In the mean time photos will soon be up and maybe a few new projects I have tumbling around in my head will go into the nieghbor's oven. It is easy to borrow an oven when you promise yummy stuff in return :)


  1. Good luck on going professional! I wish I had the courage to make the jump. Or the financial resources.

    Anyway, keep strong and follow your dreams!

  2. Thanks. Honestly I'm taking it slow because of the whole financial resources thing, but I did get a paid decorating job this weekend.